Mixes are SO good. Really. I really appreciate the quick work when I know you have a lot on your plate. Besides a pro, you are a gem; thanks for your dedication and work on all of this.” Jeffery Steiger, Artistic Director, University of Michigan CRLT Theater Program


“I am still buzzing from your great performances and how well the musical went over.” Jeffery Steiger


“You are AMAZING and so is your work.” Amy Cova, Choreographer, in regards to the composition for “A Very Fast Man in a Very Short Skirt” performed at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Aug 2012


“This must be the first time that I’ve received individual attention about how I’m feeling from a conductor, and I appreciate it… I’m totally digging your music and I respect the way you’re running rehearsals.” Julie M, violist for “The Naturalist” sessions


“Big music — super sized, widescreen, panoramic. Guitars are layered on top of one another, creating a rumble that’s both dreamy and imposing.” – Washington Post, review of Farewell Republic’s “Burn the Boats”


“I really like the intense bass… this is freaking sweet.” Maize Mirchi A Capella, regarding the final mix of their track “Apologize-Tor Imor”


“It’s definitely not ugly at all. You’ve entered in all the info quite nicely.” Bryan Kveton, graphic designer at Lowercase, Inc., in regards to this website

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