Farewell Republic – Burn the Boats

Credits: Producer, co-songwriter, recording engineer, piano, hammond organ, synths, vocals.

This record was recorded by me and Michael Coffman, the sound designer of Mother New York, and we were going for “big but unique”. We spent 10 days in the Chrome Attic, a massive studio in Crystal Lake, IL, and we pushed the studio to its limits… we used almost every vintage amplifier, keyboard, and outboard unit they had, did all major tracking live, and overall had an extremely smooth and solid session. The remainder of the parts were recorded over the next month in my home studio.

I orchestrated a couple of the tunes for the band – “For Your Health” features a lo-fi thirteen-piece chamber ensemble. Interesting fact: due to dwindling budgets, it was recorded in a small apartment with only 3 microphones. I’ve provided a small sample, and the full score is below.


Farewell Republic – For Your Health Full Score

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